School Readiness - Who's Responsibility Is It?

School readiness isn't just about your child being ready. It is also about the readiness of families, schools, and communities.
In this article we look at the ready child and what that means in terms of their emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development. ...

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School Readiness

What does 'school readiness' actually mean?

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Let's Talk About Autism Spectrum Disorder: Part II

Part II of our series on Autism Spectrum Disorder looks at some of the criteria for diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder, the difficulties that might co-occur, and what to do if you are concerned about your child's development. ...

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Let's Talk About Autism Spectrum Disorder: Part I

Part I of our Autism Spectrum Disorder series looks at what Autism Spectrum Disorder is as well as the causes and prevalence thereof. ...

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Let's Talk About COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus has led to a number of changes in our daily lives. We look at how to help your children through this time and the anxiety they may be experiencing. ...

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Let's Talk About Resilience

Resilience in Children: What is it and how do we foster it?

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Let's Talk About Play Therapy

This article provides some information on what play therapy is and its benefits. We also look at some signs that may indicate a child would benefit from play therapy. ...

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